We build the future of XR and Metaverse

We partnered with the KEYS Token team to build an open metaverse focused on accessibility and immersive user experiences.

The first ultra-real, AAA-quality metaverse built on Unreal Engine 5 that can be accessed anywhere, anytime, from any device capable of loading an URL in a browser. No need to install or download any application!

Meta Mansions is a collection of 8,888 digital luxury mansions that make up the core residency of the KEYS Metaverse. Owners can live in, customize, gamify, share, and monetize each of their luxury digital residencies.

Customize your Meta Mansion with your personal NFT collections, change furniture layouts and apply new materials and colors to walls, floors, and furniture.

Invite friends, family, and guests to your Meta Mansion by sharing a simple URL that can be loaded on any browser. Several activities will be available on the KEYS Metaverse, such as playing games, chatting, or participating in large-scale events.

Monetize your Meta Mansion on the Mercury Marketplace (in development) by hosting events, trading collectible and personal NFTs, renting your Meta Mans;ion, and more.

We also create:

Real estate online virtual tours with impressive realism and the ability to customize your property directly from a web browser.

Virtual Car Showrooms with ultra realistic exterior and interior car rendering.

We can also live stream the high-quality car or any other 3D objects to any mobile AR device for ultimate immersion and interactivity.

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